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Clever Score was established to address the clear need of countless sporting clubs and schools across Australia and the world to display the score at their chosen sporting match or event. 

"We made our first scoreboard in our warehouse & factory in 1998 knowing there simply had to be a better way of making scoreboards.  A few years later we had our first scoreboard Patents and today we make the absolute best scoreboards on the planet.  Whilst still being based in Perth,  today we send our products all around Australia and to all corners of the world "

Far too many sporting contests take place every day without a scoreboard showing the score to both players and spectators.


Scoreboards in the past were mostly thought of as an extravagant and expensive addition to a sports club but that quite literally has changed for ever since the introduction of the Clever Score module and the superb range of Clever Scores unique and cost effective scoreboards.

Today there is such world wide demand and popularity for our modules and scoreboards that we have now established both global distributors and a specialised shipping network to get our boards onto playing fields around the world in only a few days.


From our humble beginnings from our warehouse in Wattluep, we are now widely considered to be the worlds leading designers & manufacturers of scoreboards.

Such is our meticulous attention to both product design and build that our products have been described as the 'Rolls Royce' of scoreboards. 

About Our Scoreboards

About our Scoreboards

Having sent many hundreds of our scoreboards around Australia and the world our design and product range has passed the most important test of all - our customers total and absolute approval and overwhelming endorsement.


The desire to once and for all design a superior high quality affordable scoreboard came about with the founding members of Clever Score standing around a new Cricket Scoreboard they had seen at a cricket ground. This particular boards numbers were hard to shift, difficult to read and being made from sheet metal the backing of this board was already beginning to rust even though it was almost new. The biggest shock of all was hearing that this particular board cost over $1500! There simply had to be a better way to make scoreboards. 


Some six years later Clever Score are now established as leaders in the sports and corporate display industries. Using patented components and space age composite long life materials our design team came up with a scoreboard display system which quite frankly has to be seen first hand to be believed.

'Building A Better Mousetrap'


There is a well known story about the chap who built a 'better mousetrap'. This mousetrap was a new and great little way of catching mice. It even used to dispense the mice into its own little bin. This chap thought 'great! I have built my new invention and now its time to sell millions of them.' The only problem was that this mousetrap cost 10 times as much as a normal trap so people of course kept using the old traps.


At Clever Score we knew right from the start that we had to come up with a design which was not only going to be affordable but would actually cost less then current antiquated scoreboard systems!


Clever Scoreboards - Not only much better but also more affordable!

From our inception we knew we had to avoid the better mousetrap syndrome and that not only did we have to offer a superior product but it also had to be affordable. There was no point building a perfect product range without it also being affordable to clubs, schools, leagues and any sporting team on even the lowest of budgets.

Through Clever Scores bulk sourcing, designing and semi-mechanised manufacturing process we have been able to keep our prices at levels which are the lowest in the industry.


Clever Modules - Simply Brilliant and Brilliant Simplicity


A key and patented component of our display systems is the Clever Score modules which like many inventions came about as there simply had to be a better way of displaying numerals. As with many of our components the Clever Score modules are at the leading edge of display design and whilst we can try to explain and show their brilliance in this website, only once you change your first digit on our Scoreboards will you know exactly what we mean.


Any Sport Any Application


Clever Score has and can build scoreboards for quite literally every sport and every application. Whether it is golf, tennis, football, soccer, cricket or croquet your scoreboard can be designed and built by us and delivered within days all over the world. Another key application of our product range has been the growing retail and corporate sector which have found our boards the most professional and specialised displays on the market.

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