The Worlds Best Score Module. 

Build Your Own Fantastic Professional  Scoreboards 

- Super Easy, Simple, Fast & Sensational Value    

At Clever Score we are perhaps most proud of our first ever Patented invention ... the CleverScore Module.  From conception to product launch took many years of design and then exhaustive trials & testing underlining our philosophy of being 'driven by innovation'.      


This innovative & simple clever module revolutionised the scoreboard industry & is today universally recognised as being the absolute 'best score module in the world'.


Using our CleverScore Module you can easily buld your own scoreboards or corporate tally & display boards.   Our modules are super easy to secure & mount and they are without doubt the ultimate long lasting almost indestructible solution (see our videos tests) to all your scoring or display needs.   


Our Modules outperform & outlast all other antiquated numbers or modules & with their outstanding visual clarity our Modules have the highest visibility rating in the world & are suitable for ALL sports & commercial applications ('30cm' in height)

They also offer outstanding value as well & being the actual manufacturer we offer super fast overnight delivery Australia wide & world wide in only a few days.

Available in 3 Colours

Black &  White      Black &   Gold      Black &  Green 

Only $26 each

CleverScore Modules

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci

CleverScore Modules are virtually indestructible





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