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The Worlds Number 1 Supplier

of AFL Scoreboards

The Absolute Best AFL Scoreboards on the

planet ... at the best prices ... Guaranteed!

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At CleverScore, through many years of research, fantastic design & innovation we are proud to be the Number One seller of AFL scoreboards in the world. Indeed we are the only preferred supplier of scoreboards to the AFL.


We supply our range of AFL Football Scoreboards & systems to many customers including senior leagues, junior footy clubs, local government councils, schools & associations from all around Australia & also across the world.

Like all our products they are superbly designed & under every performance parameter they are the best AFL Scoreboards ever made offering exceptional value as well.


Some of our AFL Scoreboard designs have even won prestigious International Design Awards which for our small business is another very proud achievement.


As always our AFL Scoreboards are easy to use & have super high visibility & long range clarity.

AFL Scoreboard Options

Scroll Down for Details on Each AFL Scoreboard Option

'Deluxe' AFL
'Deluxe' AFL
'Ultimate' AFL
'Ultimate' AFL
'Multi Sports Super'
'AFL Panels - Multi Sports'
'Customised' AFL
'Customised' AFL
'Build your Own' AFL
'Build your Own' AFL
AFL Interchange Boards CleverScore

Having a Scoreboard at all games is a vitally important part of our game for both spectators, officials & not to mention the players themselves. In our opinion sports administrators should look at this often neglected part of our everyday sports.


Our passion for this industry drives us every single day to try & help sports at all levels of the game .... but especially so at the grassroots level which is such an important part of our community & wider society. We will long push & promote the vital role of grassroots sports.

We have a wide range of options available for the sport of AFL right through from senior professional leagues right down to schools and juniors. We also do extensive fully customised AFL scoreboards to suit your own exact requirements.


Today CleverScore is also widely consulted on many major ground developments & redevelopments with regards to scoreboard 'sight lines' (a very important component for grounds, stands & stadiums) & amenity.

AFL 'Ultimate Stand Up'


Our Famous 100% Money Back Guarantee 

   'Just send it back if you dont absolutely love it' 

(Never had a scoreboard retuned in over 20 years!)

Many years of real 'footy club' research & design has resulted in what is the most revolutionary scoreboard system ever developed.  Our AFL 'Ultimate Stand Up' as the name suggests is the ultimate scoreboard that utilises our full sized numbering for super long range visibility whilst also offering portability, transportability and super easy use.  Takes only minutes to set up and packs away conveniently in its own carry bag easily carried by anyone being such a lightweight system.  This is ... make no mistake ... a full size AFL Scoreboard suitable for use at any level of the game ... so much so that this is the games sole and only Scoreboard endorsed by the AFL themselves.


This scoreboard will also be loved by sponsors given the fantastic branding opportunity this scoreboard also offers. As you can see in the pics both big and small business and also government bodies have been quick to realise the wonderful branding platforms these scoreboards are. Indeed as we have seen over the past 15 years more often then not sponsors are more then happy to pay for all the scoreboards a sports club might need.


Quite simply ... the 'Rolls Royce' of portable full sized AFL Scoreboards


       Only $970


Australia Wide Express Delivery only $95

RR CS.jpg
RR CS.jpg

'Deluxe' AFL

Our Famous 100% Money Back Guarantee 

   'Just send it back if you dont absolutely love it' 

(Never had a scoreboard retuned in over 20 years!)

Over the last 15 years this is the the top selling AFL Scoreboard in the game.  Superb build quality and portability sees this footy scoreboard in demand at all levels of the game.  Displays the Goals, Points and Total.  Made from super strong lightweight honeycomb aluminium composite alloy construction.  Will never weather or wear and can be viewed from all parts of your ground.  Portable for the ultimate vandal proof set up.


Numerous sponsorship branding options plus the choice for your own Team name / logo plus options for opposition team names as well if you like.  Very popular with sponsors due to the design and layout.  In black and white or black and gold. Easy to mount into existing or new scoreboard stands at your ground or just secure against any structure. Full size scoreboard suitable for all levels of the game - 160cm in width x 120cm in height.  Weight approx only 12 kgs. 

Quite simply the best full size portable

hard back AFL scoreboard on the planet.


 Only $1480


Australia Wide Delivery $140

Composite AFL Scoreboard

AFL Panels - Multi-Sports



Our Famous 100% Money Back Guarantee 

   'Just send it back if you dont absolutely love it' 

(Never had a scoreboard retuned in over 20 years!)

  Revolutionary Simplicity for New or Existing Scoreboard Structures

 Suitable for Multi Sports Use 



Incredibly popular with councils & sports clubs all over Australia & across the world.  Includes the option for the largest manual score digits in the world.  As with all CleverScore systems offers quality, value, huge long distance viewing & diverse flexible uses.  Multiple sports & clubs can use the one & very same board.  For AFL clubs at senior levels there is no better permanent structure based scoring solution given its professional look, vandal proof design, long range of visibility, value & simplicity of use.


            This system comes as a 6 panel pack as shown below   -  4 x panels of 2 digits  (Goals & Points both teams) 

                                                                                                                      -  2 x panels of 3 digits  (Total Points both teams)

These 6 panels can easily adapt or slide into any existing structure at your ground ... or you could use our attached Engineering Drawings to build your own scoreboard frame and structure. These are fully engineered drawings which meet local government council rules, regulations and by laws. At CleverScore we do fabricate & install complete Scoreboard structures & frames so please contact us if you would like us to quote on this as well.  We always suggest however that clubs contact any local fabricators as well (especially interstate) well to get the absolute best value on the build and install of any certified structural scoreboard framework.


Just as visually impressive as these scoreboards look is also the value of this score panel system at only $990! So not only will this fantastic set up and scoreboard offer your club or association excellent value but it can also be used by the cricket club, soccer club, rugby club etc etc all year round as well!


  • 'AFL Panels - Multi-Sports Scoreboard  - 6 Panel Set

  • The Ultimate Permanent Structure AFL Scoreboard system

  • Vandal proof design & Virtually Indestructible 

  • Professional image for your club & sponsors

  • Option Largest manual score digits in the world!  (40cm option) 

  • Fully engineered structure / frame drawings come free

  • Cricket, soccer, rugby, hockey  etc - All for one great value low price

  • Incredibly popular with clubs & local councils

CleverScore Engineering drawings.jpg

30cm Digit Height 6 Panel Set       -        Only $1490 AUD

40cm Digit Height 6 Panel Set         -       Only $1690 AUD

                         Australia wide delivery only $95

AFL 'Customised' Scoreboards


 AFL Sports Field Consulting



At Clever Score we specialise in custom making scoreboards for every sport and over the past 15 years we have made many fully customised AFL Scoreboards to suit many customers varying needs. These have been delivered and installed all over Australia and the key to our customised service is a really comprehensive understanding of the needs and circumstances of the individual footy club or sports oval concerned.


Given our experience in this industry we are often asked to get involved with and to help advise with sports field planning as well. The sight lines for scoreboards and where to position scoreboards on a sports field is a very crucial component of planning and designing ovals and sports complexes. Positioning an AFL scoreboard is a really important facet of our game and ensures players and all umpires (both goal umpires included) are fully aware of the games status. Equally there is no point positioning a scoreboard where the “majority” of spectators cant see the scoreboard. We had one instance where a multi million dollar sports complex asked us to install a scoreboard alongside a small spectator stand that was being built. When we saw this we pointed out spectators in that stand would not be able to see the scoreboard – thankfully the planners agreed and we installed the scoreboard directly across the oval on the opposite wing where everyone could easily see the score.


Whilst we have done many installs and builds for all types of clubs and customers perhaps one of our favourite 'build and install' was for the Rottnest Island Board who requested a traditional type of scoreboard for their very historic and heritage listed oval. Understanding this we opted to build the Rottnest Scoreboard with heavy structural timber so as to maintain the historic feel of the field and location. The historic Rottnest Oval plays host to the absolutely fantastic and amazingly skilled AFL Wadjemup Cup every year – an event which if you love your footy is an absolute must see. See our videos for footage of this build and the Wadjemup Cup.


Contact us for all enquires regarding Custom Build AFL Scoreboards.

Build Your Own AFL Scoreboard



If you would like to build your own AFL Scoreboard then please visit our “Build Your Own” section to use our Patented Clever Score Modules to easily design and construct your own scoreboard.


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