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Baseball  &  Softball 

'Take me out to the ballgame'


Albert Von Tilzer, Tin Pan Alley band, 1908

CleverScores Guarantee & Pledge To You 


 Our range of baseball & softball scoreboards are the best in the world.   Best Design ... Longest Lasting & Highest Visibilty ... Best Prices ... Best Service - Guaranteed.

Given our innovating design philosophy for all sports,  our scoreboards have proven to be very popular with Baseball & Softball throughout Australia and across the globe.


We have a number of designs but the most popular is the "Major League" baseball scoreboard.  Being super light weight, super strong & long lasting, highly visible and so easy to use the CleverScore 'Major League' is the number one selling baseball scoreboard in Australia. 


We also make a smaller version being the 'Minor League' and as with all of sports we can easily make a 'Custom' designed board as well. 


Being so portable, the now fully Patented Uber Fold 'Baseball' will drive the growth of our baseball & softball division across the world.  This internationally award winning scoreboard will revolutionise baseball/softball scoring across the world.


As with all CleverScore systems you also have the option us designing your own "Custom' scoreboard or you can easily "Build Your Own' scoreboard using our CleverScore Modules.  


Baseball Scoreboard

The most popular Baseball & Softball scoreboard used across Australia - the CleverScore 'Major League'

'Major League' Scoreboard


Lightweight, portable and so easy to use our "Major League' board is the  most popular baseball & softball scoreboard in Australia.  Features Home and Away scores as well as Outs and Innings.


Also features centre area for on board club logos, sponsorship or advertsing.  Visible at over 200 meters means everyone can read the score no matter where they are on the field.  As with all CleverScore products long lasting and almost indestructible being made of composite honeycomb aluminium.  Extremely popular board loved by spectators, sponsors & clubs given its excellent value as well.


Available in White, Gold or Green number modules or a combination of these colours.


Only $870 


Australia wide delivery only $95 

Contact us for world wide delivery

'Major League' Scoreboard

'Custom' Scoreboard


From Day One way back in 1998, we understood that customers needs were sometimes different and thats why we specialise in making 'Custom' scoreboards for all sports.  


If you can imagine ... we can build it for you and the underlying philosophy of CleverScore always applies ... the best scoreboards at the absolute best value ... and being specialist manufacturers we often make specialised custom orders in only a few days.  


Contact Us for any enquires regarding 'Custom' made baseball or softball scoreboards. 

'Build Your Own' Scoreboard


If you would like to build your own baseball or softball scoreboard then please visit our Build Your Own section

to use our Patented Clever Score Modules to easily design and construct your own scoreboard.


Using our Patented CleverScore Modules you can easily build your own scoreboard

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