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Lawn Bowls 

Extensive research ... extensive listening & learning to clubs, every day bowls members & bowlers at all levels was our foundation to designing & making the undisputed best 'Lawn Bowls' scoreboards in the industry. 

"Anyone can know ... the point is to understand"

                                                                      Albert Einstein

A True & Now Funny History of our Lawn Bowls Scoreboards




Since the early 2000s CleverScores range of Lawn Bowls scoreboards have revolutionsied the sport and game of Lawn Bowls.  But this revolution took time and it was not without its funny and bumpy moments.


As many bowlers and bowling clubs know, the game, its players and members of clubs can 'sometimes' be resistant to change.  The very first time we ever trialled a CleverScore Lawn Bowls scoreboard at a club we could quite funnily actually hear the howls of resistance from stalwart members.  On that very day we and the manager of that club assured members that no decision would be made on new scoreboards until all members feedback was gathered after a free no cost no obilgation trial period of use.


We can now clearly recall those 'howls of protest' & fully understanding afterwards the need that day to ensure all members at all bowls clubs always had their voices heard through a true and open consultation. 




One month later - that very same club ordered 16 Lawn Bowls scoreboards from us having reported that every single member loved our scoreboards.  They loved them as our scoreboards are super easy to use and they can actually be seen and easily read from anywhere at the club.   


Our range of Lawns Bowls scoreboards can also perfectly suit every possible club need and offer exceptional value as well.  Even better still, most clubs find that our fantastic options for sponsorship & branding on our boards means that they end up getting their brand new scoreboards for free as well.


Today, having engaged with so many clubs and members from all over the world we offer a world first and unbeatable satisfaction guarantee on all our Lawn Bowls scoreboards. 


Please contact us to discuss your Customised Soccer Scoreboard.

In a world first, CleverScore offers all Lawn Bowls Clubs a free no obligation no cost trial use period of our Lawn Bowls scoreboards to absolutely guarantee all clubs that our scoreboards are the best Lawn Bowls Scoreboards in the world and that all members will love them.  Simple.


There is only one way to build long term relationships ... and that is to build them properly from the ground up.  CleverScore openly shares this goal & philosophy with all potential customers. 

     Our Satisfaction Guarantee on Lawn Bowls Scoreboards


  Win Win No Obilgation Satisfaction Guarantee 


           Coming mid 2016 "Zenith" - The Very Best Lawn Bowls Scorebord Ever Made 


Quite proudly, after 3 years of extensive development & fine tuning CleverScore will be launching the worlds best Lawn Bowls Scoreboard.  Will also offer sensational never before seen value and full branding and sponsorship options as well. "Zenith" Lawn Bowls Scoreboards by CleverScore.  Please stay tuned for our world wide launch.    

'Classic' Lawn Bowls Scoreboards


The original as specially designed for the Singapore Lawns Bowls Club back in the early 2000s and still going strong today. Features nameplated HOME / AWAY score (or players names) and ENDs bowled.  Super light weigth and super strong composite honeycomb aluminium backboard super easy to use and mount.  Can be branded as an option.  It is today viewed by many as the scoreboard which revolutionised the industry with our super easy to see and use modules.  We can fully customise your Lawn Bowls scoreboards to perfectly suit every possible need and circumstance all for exceptional value as well.


Fantastic value as well ranging in price from $390 upwards depending on quantity ordered.  We deliver these all around the world. 


Please contact us to discuss pricng options and for any customisation to suit your club.

'Custom Lawn Bowls Scoreboards


As with all sports and scoring needs CleverScore specialises in fully customising scoreboards for all individual needs. We can fully customise your Lawn Bowls scoreboards to perfectly suit every possible need and circumstance all for exceptional value as well.


Please contact us to discuss your Customised Lawn Bowls Scoreboard.

Build Your Own Lawn Bowls Scoreboards


If you would like to build your own 'Lawn Bowls' Scoreboards then please visit our Build Your Own section to use our Patented Clever Score Modules to easily design and construct your own scoreboard.


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