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Clever Score was established to address the clear need of countless sporting clubs and schools across Australia and the world to display the score at their chosen sporting match or event. 

Lifetime Warranty

As part of Clever Scores service and belief in the quality of our product range we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all module components. This is an offer which is unheard of and underlies the quality and build of our scoreboards.


Unlike many other scoreboard components the Clever Score Modules are designed for long life and long term use and being made of composite materials they will never weather or rust. There is accordingly a lifetime warranty on the Clever Score Modules.


This of course only covers the normal and intended use of the Clever Score Modules and does not cover any malicious damage or damage caused which is outside the normal and intended use of the modules. Should any damage or malfunction occur to the modules through normal use (highly unlikely in any case) simply contact us. We will then arrange for the replacement modules to be sent to you immediately.


* Please note that Clever Score does not cover the cost of the courier shipping for your replacement Clever Score Modules

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