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Clever Score was established to address the clear need of countless sporting clubs and schools across Australia and the world to display the score at their chosen sporting match or event. 

Clever Scoreboards & Displays

Using our Patented designs Clever Score have designed what are now the worlds leading scoreboards. 


Under every performance parameter Clever Scoreboards outperform all other scoreboard systems. This includes ease of use, visual accuracy & visibility, portability and placement (extremely light weight design) and best of all pricing. So not only are our scoreboards the best in the world but they also cost substantially less than all other current and antiquated scoreboard systems. Our scoreboards are now showing scores all around the world with clubs reporting back that both they and their sponsors are delighted with our design and systems. 


Clever Score receives numerous requests for scoreboards of different sizes and applications. With our custom designed scoreboard service we can tailor design and make you what ever you require in a sporting or display board situation.


This includes a limitless array of events, sports and applications such as:

  • Athletics carnivals

  • Swim meets

  • Car / Motorbike racing

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Hockey

  • Lacrosse

  • Golf Leader Boards

  • Lap Time Boards

  • Supermarket Displays

  • Petrol Prices

  • Beer Prices

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