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Clever Score was established to address the clear need of countless sporting clubs and schools across Australia and the world to display the score at their chosen sporting match or event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My son plays for our local junior soccer club. Can you supply us with a soccer scoreboard suitable for junior soccer?

Clever Score quite literally can supply scoreboards for all sports and applications. With regards to soccer one of our most popular scoreboards is the 'Joey' Soccer Scoreboard. This particular scoreboard is extremely popular for junior soccer clubs as well as primary and high schools.

After being in the competition for over 25 years our committee has finally decided to get a full on proper Australian Rules Football Scoreboard. What do we need to do to get your Deluxe Football Scoreboard?

Since introducing our range of Aussie Rules scoreboards we have been inundated from football clubs all around Australia. Prior to the Clever Score range most football clubs baulked at the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a scoreboard which is what most other football scoreboards cost. Now through Clever Score you can get a Club Football Scoreboard for only $480 which also includes GST!


Another bonus is that all Clever Score scoreboards are completely portable or can be permanently fixed in place at a clubs ground. Being portable they are also completely vandal proof unlike all other systems which usually end up getting vandalised.

As with all our boards we can place the club logo and name on all of our Scoreboards which is what we did in the case above.


Our Deluxe Football Scoreboard is our top of the range Aussie Rules board and is proving popular with all levels of football clubs and leagues around Australia. Please visit ourFootball Scoreboards page to see more.

We need a 2 Innings Scoreboard for our Interstate cricket matches. What can you supply in this regard?

In this instance the South Australian Cricket Association needed a large scoreboard which could handle complete 4 day cricket at the Adelaide Oval. Clever Score accordingly custom designed a '2 Innings Cricket Scoreboard' for the Adelaide Oval. This board can now be seen in use at Adelaide oval in some of their 4 day interstate and A Grade Cricket matches. Click here to see our complete range of Cricket Scoreboards.

I am a development officer for Baseball. Can you supply us with some options and designs for Baseball Scoreboards and also a quote for a bulk order?

We certainly do make baseball scoreboards and also have many arrangements with regards to bulk orders for certain boards. Our complete range of sporting scoreboards are proving very popular all around Australia and the world. Their popularity is based upon their design quality, long life build (with Lifetime Warranty on components) and the fact that even though our scoreboards are acknowledged as the best in the world they also offer value and affordability.


With regards to certain designs for scoreboards we can design and build a board according to what you require for your sport or application. Alternatively with our experienced team we can design a board for you or you can choose from some of our many sport specific designs.

We desperately need a Club Cricket Scoreboard for our big finals game this weekend in Sydney. Can we order one from you and get it in time for this Saturday.

In this situation we dispatched a Club Cricket scoreboard on Wednesday and this cricket club received their board on Thursday. Australia wide delivery is generally overnight withWorld Wide delivery only taking from 3 to 4 days.

We see that you make sporting scoreboards but we are involved in the housing construction industry. Can you make us some large departmental tally boards for our new offices?

A fast growing market for Clever Score is our heavy involvement in the corporate display and retail sector. The same principles of our sporting boards can and have transferred into this market with many large corporate and retail companies now using our display boards for all their needs. In the case above two large tally boards were required for the new office premises of Scott Park Homes - one of Western Australia's largest and most respected home builders. These two large tally boards now combine and display 11 departmental current and target scores at their new offices. For more information and to view photos please visit our Corporate Boards page.

How can you say that your scoreboards will never weather or rust even when used outdoors for all and any winter sports.

Quite simply when we all sat down 5 years ago looking at all makes and brands of scoreboards they were all either made from painted wood or painted sheet metal. This was hardly satisfactory for us because these materials definitely rust, weather, warp and wear out in our wet winters and dry hot summers.


Accordingly we spent the next 6 months researching what the absolute best materials would be to make our scoreboards out of. Our chosen material is a composite alloy product which will as mentioned never rust, wear or warp under even the harshest or all outdoor applications. This material is also a super strong and incredibly light product which makes all of our Scoreboards sturdy yet easily portable as well.

We want to build our own soccer scoreboard for our social soccer team. We see that Clever Score has this 'Build Your Own Scoreboard' option. Can we really build our own Scoreboard for less then $50?

Clever Score recognises the need and desire that some clubs or people have to build their own scoreboards. That is why we have specifically included this section and service which easily allows anyone with even the most basic of handyman (or indeed handywomen) skills the opportunity to build their own scoreboard. Although these 'own' home built scoreboards will not have all of the high quality components of our Clever Score Scoreboards you are still able to use the patented Clever Score Modules and hence make your own scoreboard.


Given that our Clever Score Modules are only $22 when bought individually it only takes 2 modules to make a basic soccer scoreboard. Click here for more information on our 'Build Your Own Scoreboard' option.

How much is it going to cost us to get our scoreboard delivered to outback Queensland?

Through Clever Scores arrangement with Australian Air Express and TNT World Wide Delivery we have organised amazingly low rates for Australia wide overnight courier delivery. Though delivery charges will depend on specific model of scoreboard most of the Club scoreboards are only $25 for courier delivery. For all international deliveries we will advise what the specific courier charges will be. Click here for more information on our delivery services.

I would like to have 100% peace of mind when I buy equipment online. What is the Clever Score policy on this?

This question is one that should be asked of every business everywhere no matter what kind of business or industry is involved. There can only be two components to giving potential customers 100% total peace of mind in the cricket industry and they are; 

  • Having a proven world wide track record with thousands of totally satisfied customers all over the world (see Customer Testimonials) and, 

  • By simply, totally and categorically backing your products, service and standards. 


If a company does not provide a 100% total peace of mind guarantee then either they are wary that their products are not good enough or they don't care about ensuring the customers goals and needs are and will always be priority Number One!


With Clever Score's quite simple beliefs in customer service and our undisputed and proven product lines we quite literally seldom receive customer complaints about anything. This, on top of the above points, is because of our rigorous procedures of ensuring that you the customer gets exactly what you are looking for and in most cases our customers actually end up getting more than they were expecting in terms of quality, value and performance. 

What payment options does Clever Score have?

Clever Score has a comprehensive array of payment options suited to all needs.

Most customers prefer to use our Thawte Secure Online Credit Card Payment System. Thawte are a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisign Inc which is recognised as the worlds leading secure certification authority. Please click here to go to the Thawte website. Clever Score also has customers who wish to fax us their order credit card orders and they can do this with our convenient Fax Order Form.

We also have a payment option of Direct Electronic Bank Transfer which enables customers to directly deposit payment funds into the Clever Score bank account from any bank in the world. This is a simple payment option often chosen by clubs and organisations making large purchases. With this option Clever Score provides you with the simple details for you to take into your own bank. 

There is also an option to mail your orders in through our Mail Orders payment system. Here customers can send us Cheques or Money Orders for orders they may have placed with us online or by filling out our convenient Order Form and including it with their payment. 

Some customers even like to call us and place a Phone Order. The main point with all of our totally safe and secure payment options is that Clever Score is amenable to any and all payment options you may wish to discuss. Please contact us at if you would like more information or visit our comprehensive Order Info section.

I would like to make sure that placing an order online with Clever Score is totally safe and secure.

As outlined above when deciding which Online Payment system to use and implement Clever Score had one simple brief and that was to choose a system that is reliable, safe and secure. 

Accordingly Clever Score decided to use the Thawte Certification Authority system for our Secure Online Credit Card Payment Orders. Thawte are a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisign Inc which is recognised as the worlds leading secure certification authority. Please click here to go to the Thawte website. 

In researching this Clever Score discovered some interesting facts about online security. With literally millions of safe and secure online credit card transactions happening all over the world every day the instances of online credit card fraud are statistically almost insignificant. Insignificant as it may be it still does happen occasionally though and because of this Clever Score wanted to know why and how it does occur. Needless to say ensuring the total safety and security of our customers orders is first and foremost in our minds. 
From a statistical point of view making an online credit card payment is safer than say using your credit card in person at a shop or restaurant. When online credit card fraud occurs it is usually after the event with the details of customers cards often being poorly secured at the business itself. 

Once an online credit card transaction takes place at Clever Score measures are strictly implemented to ensure it is not kept on either hard or soft copy for use or storage. Clever Score continues to monitor the latest banking industry and security codes and standards of practice to ensure that all payments with Middlepeg remain safe and secure. 

Can I track my order online after it is dispatched?

In conjunction with TNT World Wide Express Clever Score has an Online Tracking facility which means that you can track your order in real time from the moment it leaves Clever Score. This is proving a popular service with our customers who like to keep an eye out for their order whilst they are on the internet. Please visit our Online Tracking Facility.

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