The World Game ... & The Worlds Best Football Scoreboard 

Whether you call it 'soccer; or 'football'... it is 'The World Game' & the most beautiful of game able to unite humanity like nothing else. Its iconic status is deserved & the integrity of the worlds game must forever be sacrosanct at all levels it is played.

On our travels around the world we are always making a point to go watch sports being played at junior & senior levels. So often when watching soccer there is no scoreboard which is such a shame for the game & its spectators.


With our love of sports & passion for scoreboards we sincerely hope to address this situation for clubs & schools across Australia & the world.


As with many of our boards the demand for our range of Soccer Scoreboards has been phenomenal. Clubs from juniors right through to premier leagues are delighted with the quality, ease of use & visual clarity. Clubs also appreciate our vandal proof designs and professional image given to their grounds.

Brazil World Cup CleverScore Scoreboards
World Cup Soccer CleverScore

Although our scoreboards can be customised to suit your own clubs soccer needs our most popular designs are our 'Joey' and 'Premier' Soccer Scoreboards. Both of these can be used as permanent or portable scoreboards and as with all of our boards can incorporate numerous sponsorship display options.


Best of all our range of soccer boards offer exceptional value. Our Soccer Scoreboards are revolutionising soccer games for clubs all around Australia and the world. Scoreboards support and give great benefit to the players, spectators, the game itself as well as club and league sponsors.


With express delivery Australia wide and fast international delivery your club could be hosting its next game with one of our superb soccer scoreboards.

'Joey' Scoreboard


A popular scoreboard which can be used at all levels but is especially popular throughout schools and junior soccer. This board was especially designed to support junior soccer clubs and our pricing on the 'Joey' accordingly offers fantastic value.


Super strong lightweight composite alloy construction. Displays the Goals & as with all of our boards they will never weather or wear. Your choice of a permanent or portable set up. Options for sponsor boards and logos. In black/ white, black/gold or black/green numbering.


Only $245

Express Australia Wide Delivery only $55

'Premier League'


Our top of the range composite soccer scoreboard. Displays the Goals and is designed to allow ample room for sponsors and club names. Made from super strong lightweight composite alloy construction. Will never weather or wear and can be viewed from all parts of your ground. Your choice of a permanent or portable set up. Full options for opposition team names, sponsors and logos. Very popular with sponsors due to the design and layout. In black/ white, black/gold or black/green numbering.


Only $345


Express Australia Wide Delivery only $65

'Custom Soccer'


As with all sports and scoring needs CleverScore specialises in fully customising scoreboards for all individual needs. We can fully customise your soccer scoreboard to perfectly suit every possible desire and circumstance all for exceptional value as well.


Please contact us to discuss your Customised Soccer Scoreboard.

Build Your Own Soccer Scoreboard


If you would like to build your own soccer Scoreboard then please visit our “Build Your Own” section to use our Patented Clever Score Modules to easily design and construct your own scoreboard.


 CleverScore, Football & The Socceroos

Like many Australians, the owners of CleverScore have been following local football & the Socceroos for many many years.  From the passionate old sometimes dark days of the NSL through the to A-League now 'The World Game' has captivated us since we were kids ... sometimes frustratingly given the potential of football in this country.     Long may 'The World Game' thrive in Australia so that we can all see the JW ' I Told You So' dream come alive.

CleverScore Scoreboards at the brazil world cup
CleverScore Socceroos Brazil World Cup crowd