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The very first scoreboard we ever made was a cricket scoreboard... cricket scoreboards are our heritage. So we are proud to state that under every performance parameter Clever Score Cricket Scoreboards outperform all other scoreboard systems.

This includes ease of use, visual accuracy & visibility, indestructibility, portability (extremely light weight, long life designs) and best of all value & pricing. So not only are our scoreboards the best in world cricket they also cost substantially less as well.

Cricket Scoreboard Options

'Club' Cricket
'Deluxe' Cricket
'Stand Up' Cricket
"Uber Fold' Cricket
CyBoard Indestructible Cricket Scoreboard by
'Shield' Cricket
'Custom' Cricket
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Our cricket scoreboards are supplied all around the cricket playing world with 20 years of overwhelming feedback reporting back that players, clubs, spectators and sponsors are all delighted with our designs & systems.


The overwhelming success of Clever Scores Scoreboards initially revolved around our Patented & revolutionary Clever Score Module. These unique & superbly designed Modules are extremely simple & easy to use & leave all other display methods way behind. No more fumbling with numbers or trying to slide difficult digits across.


Clever Score Modules are easy to read & are changeable in an instant through their simple and revolutionary self locating design. Made from lightweight, durable & fade resistant ABS plastic our Modules are long lasting hard wearing units that require no maintenance & are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.

In 2014 CleverScore released the worlds most revolutionary range of Cricket Scoreboards with our Patented “Stand Up” & 'Uber Fold” scoreboards. These internationally award winning innovations & designs are the ultimate evolution of our many years of design work & materials research.


Clever Score Cricket Scoreboards come in a range of standard designs or if you prefer, we can custom design your scoreboard to suit your requirements. Utilising Clever Scores existing Australian & worldwide delivery service we are currently sending scoreboards all around Australia & the world.


Indeed given the popularity of our cricket scoreboards in the UK CleverScore now has its own distribution network based in London for the UK market.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our scoreboards please




'CyBoard' Cricket Scoreboard

The Worlds Most Indestructible Scoreboard 

Ultra Revolutionary new CleverScore design with lightweight portability & as always easily used cricket scoreboard.  Featured current runs, wickets & target runs required. Displays all the essential information required. Uses an exclusive & very new  super strong super light virtually indestructible material for a backboard (which is kind of a secret for now) & our famous, simple & clever numbering system.  Super high visibility using for the first time ever a stunning white board. 

Only $395 


Australia wide delivery Only $85

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Deluxe Cricket Scoreboard

'The Rolls Royce of Scoreboards'


One of the most popular scoreboards we supply & what many people in the industry over 20 years call the “Rolls Royce” of cricket scoreboards. Uses our super strong super lightweight composite aluminium honeycomb for a backboard & our revolutionary CleverScore modules. Easy portability and storage.


Features wickets, current score, target or chasing score plus the overs bowled or remaining. Full options for sponsorship & advertising. Visible at over 250 meters. The number 1 selling club scoreboard in the world over the past 20 years. Sensational value & long life performance ... indeed inferior scoreboards like this sell elsewhere for over $800. In 'black & white' or 'black & gold' and our new 'black & bright green' modules.


Only $860 


Australia wide delivery $85

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Club Deluxe Cricket Scoreboard


'Mini Rolls Royce'

Lightweight portable and easily used cricket 'Club Deluxe' Scoreboard featuring current runs, wickets and target runs required. Displays the key essential information required. Uses our super strong super light composite aluminium honeycomb for a backboard & our revolutionary CleverScore modules. Visible at over 250 meters and weighs only 6kgs! In 'black and white' , 'black and gold' or our new “black & bright green” modules.


Only $535 


Australia wide delivery Only $85

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'Stand Up' Cricket Scoreboard

The Ultimate Branding Platforms 

Developed over 3 years of extensive design & research with world wide Patents being granted in 2014, our 'Stand Up' scoreboards have already revolutionised the sports industry. Our 'Stand Ups' are the ultimate in light weight portable long lasting scoreboards that are also sensational advertising & branding platforms enabling clubs to sell the advertising space to sponsors / businesses. Indeed as can be seen from the pics some of the biggest companies in the world have realised the incredible low cost advertising these innovations offer. Superb long range visibility utilising our Patented super easy to use display systems. Like all CleveScore systems also offer sensational value as well. 

Scoreboard comes as seen from the front with an all white reverse side ready to easily add sponsors branding

Only $440

Australia wide delivery $85

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'Uber Fold' Cricket Scoreboard    

 Revolutionary Innovation 




Quite simply, the most lightweight & portable proper full

sized scoreboards ever designed & made. Sports only &

first ever full sized scoreboard that folds up into a small carry bag to be used when and where ever you like. Extensive design & research over 3 years testing the worlds absolute best materials for guaranteed super long life use and performance. This fully Patented cricket scoreboard allows users to take anywhere given its carry bag and lightweight size ... yet gives a full sized scoreboard when in use visible at a huge 250m. The carry bag comes with a pocket for score books or laptop / ipad for scoring. Now there is no excuse for every grade or team or side to have the score shown in full size at their game no matter what the facilities or amenities are at any ground. Super easy to use ... super easy to fold up & carry away and like all CleverScore Scoreboards sensational value as well. Can be branded if required but comes unbranded as a standard order.


Only $390

Australia Wide overnight express delivery only $45

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'Shield' Cricket Scoreboard

Ultimate 4 Innings With Batsman Scores

As originally designed for Adelaide Oval and the South Australian Cricket Association. Shows both innings scores plus current wickets and overs as well as both batsman's scores. A very popular scoreboard where 2nd innings cricket is played and individual batting scores are required. Portable and lightweight enough to be moved in and out on game day so as to be vandal and graffiti proof. Can be fully customised to suit individual requirements.   Exclusive use of our super strong super light Composite Honeycomb Aluminium 


Comes in a combination of black and gold, black and white or our new black and green modules.

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'Custom' Cricket Scoreboards

Specialists in Custom Designed Scoreboards 

At CleverScore we specialise in custom designed scoreboards for all sports. Indeed over the past 20 years we have become to go to source for all customised scoreboards for councils and sports clubs all around Australia and the world.


Given our experience in this industry we are often asked to help plan, consult & advise with sports field planning as well.  Sight lines, sizing, viewing distances  for scoreboards and positioning of scoreboards on a sports field is a very crucial component of planning and designing ovals and sports complexes.


Please Contact Us to discuss any Cricket Scoreboard designed and built from scratch to perfectly suit your needs

Build Your Own Cricket Scoreboard

Simple & Professional Looking Scoreboards Made Easy 

To see how easy it is to build your own uber professional looking Cricket Scoreboard please visit our 'Build Your Own' section to use our Patented Clever Score Modules to easily design and construct your own scoreboard.

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