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Netball Scoreboards 

netball / net ball  

 ;  fantastic widely played community based sport enjoyed by many all

around Australia & indeed the world.  

CleverScore has long admired the fantastic community and grassroots based netball scene you see every weekend all around Australia.


Although we make a wide range of both standard & fully customised netball scoreboards we are now in 2018 particularly proud of our new revolutionary 'Ultimate Netball Scoreboard' developed after years of research and feedback from players, clubs & netball associations.

So whether you are after a hard back traditional netball scoreboard, one of our fully customised scoreboards or our new revolutionary & innovative 'Ultimate Netball Scoreboard' we have the fantastic sport of netball covered.

Simply Contact Us to order or discuss all our options for netball which are outlined below.

Ultimate Netball Scoreboard 

Click the PDF below to download the Ultimate Netball Scoreboard brochure

Standard & Fully  Customised Netball Scoreboards


We also make a range of standard hard backed Netball Scoreboards as well as our well known fully customised bespoke design & manufacture service where we can make you the exact type of club or professional level netball scoreboard that you need.

Easily Make Your Own Netball Scoreboards

Using our CleverScore Modules it is so so easy to make your own Netball Scoreboard and it is also super economical as well.  Click Here to read more & see just how easy it is for anyone to make their own Netball Scoreboard & save your club a bit of money too.  

Please Contact Us to order or discuss all of our many scoreboard options for Netball. 

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