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"Whats the Score"? 


The most common question at any club or penant game of tennis anywhere in the world ... unfortunate but true.

We made our first ever tennis scoreboard in the early 2000s and the customer absolutely loved it as it was so unique and different to anything else out there.  We made it using our CleverScore Modules and our composite honeycomb aluminium sheeting as the backboard.  


Even though that was our 1st generation Tennis scoreboard we are proud to state that under every performance parameter that scoreboard even today still outperforms all other scoreboard systems.

Fast forward a decade or so and today our superb 2nd generation Uber Fold Tennis Scoreboards have proudly won international design awards for their innovation and fantastic performance.  


Our range of Tennis scoreboards are easy of use, have fantastic visual accuracy & visibility, are almost indestructible, are highly portability (extremely light weight, long life designs) and best of all offer value & pricing. So not only are our scoreboards the best in world Tennis they also cost substantially less as well.

Tennis Scoreboard Options

'Uber Fold' Tennis Scoreboard


The worlds best Tennis Scoreboard


Quite simply, the most lightweight & portable proper full sized tennis scoreboard ever designed & made.  The industries first & only ever full sized scoreboard that folds up into a small carry bag to be used when and where ever you like. Extensive design & research over 3 years testing the worlds absolute best materials for guaranteed super long life use and performance.  This fully Patented Tennis scoreboard allows users to take anywhere given its carry bag and lightweight size ... yet gives a full sized scoreboard when in use visible at long distances. The carry bag comes with a pocket for score books or laptop / ipad for scoring. Now there is no excuse for all club and penant competitions to have the score shown in full size at their games.  Super easy to use ... super easy to fold up & carry away and like all CleverScore Scoreboards sensational value as well.   Full branding options as well to create a brilliant corporate / sponsors branding platform (comes unbranded as a standard order).   Caters to all '3 Set' matches with option to easily convert into a full grand slam 5 set tennis scoreboard.  



Only $395

Australia Wide overnight express delivery only $45


Contact us for world wide delivery.

Uber Fold Tennis Scoreboard
Uber Fold Tennis Melbourne
Tennis Scoreboard by CleverScore
3 Set Tennis Scoreboard Perth

'Custom' Tennis Scoreboard


At CleverScore we specialise in custom designed scoreboards for all sports.  Indeed over the past 15 years we have become the go to source for all customised scoreboards for councils and sports clubs all around Australia and the world to design and make any and every type of scoreboard.


Please contact us to discuss any custom Tennis Scoreboard designed and built from scratch to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

Build Your Own Tennis Scoreboard


If you would like to easily & economically build your own Tennis Scoreboard then please visit our  Build Your Own section to use our Patented Clever Score Modules.  Building your own scoreboard has never been so easy.


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